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>> listen to what happened. they asked us -- the folks at "good housekeeping" said why don't you come into our studio labs where we test everything, skin and what not, and we're going to do this segment called seven years younger. >> "good housekeeping" institute. >> they put us in hyperbaric chambers. they took close-up pictures of our face to check for wrinkles. don't say anything. pores. >> >> i prefer you with the hair. >> pores, et cetera. they took photos of us, and then they got inside and looked at our problem with dark spots and wrinkles and pores and everything. >> some of us had those problems. >> don't reveal, because it was the most depressing day. >> for someone. >> i wish that i didn't even go. we're going to do an entire segment describing not, again, with the photo, but describing what happened and how we can correct such problems. i can't believe. i got to tell you. they compare us to people in our own age group. >> that's where it really got ugly. >> with our own skin types. >> i am so in a funk after that. >> i actually think you ended up doing quite well. i'm
will do at the confirmation hearing. i don't believe there's moral equivalency between the two sides which is the suggestion of that article. >> he believe there is moral equivalency? >> you will have to ask him what he believes. my judgment and knowledge of chuck chuck and my suggestions with chuck would suggest that he wants to see both sides come to the table and find a solution. he spores the peace process. but he is upper most, a very, very strong supporter of the state of israel. he has voted for billions and billions of dollars of aid to israel. i have no question when it comes to challenges that have anything to do with putting israel at risk, chuck hagel will be on israel's side. remember, he is working for a president. and he will follow the poll so i was that president. >> the renew deed bait about iraq is also occurring. the "new york times" writes about that today. in his memoir, he writes something very poignant about the iraq war. he writes, "it all comes down to the fact we were asked to vote on a res lation based on half-truths, untruths and winful thinking. i voted for th
with the lovely kathie lee and hoda have their morning meeting. >> please don't disturb us. [ laughter ] >> can i say something? that really is us before hair and makeup. >> that -- >> laura and mary are geniuses. >> that was -- >> that's funny. >> that's hysterical. >> we'll have to find a way to get back at jay for that. >> oscar nominations came out today. that is a huge, huge deal. >> i guess the little taste of what it's going to be like with seth macfarlane who some people know well. and other people -- you walked in and said who is that? somebody did. >> i didn't. please don't put me in that category. i know who he was. he is very, very funny. >> anyway, the big headline today was "lincoln" led the pack. "lincoln" got 12 nominations. >> all of them well deserved according to you. >> it's such a terrific movie. >> best picture ""amour."" >> this was a huge category. >> nominated for film of the year. "argo" "beasts of the southern wild," "django unchained, cody saw it last night and said it was really rough stuff, but he liked it. "les miserables," "life of pi." "zero dark 30." the kids saw
and social security barcia you don't want to pay our billions you do that in public. we're not even going to talk to you. the white house i think is going to buck up and do what the left wants. in terms of the debt limit, it's a sequester where you're going to see a lot more of a messy -- andrea: on the debt limit, is the white house prepared to actually go over that limit and >> i think they think in the end -- andrea: another game of chicken. >> the republicans always say they won't do it. of course we won't default. but then they -- >> and you've got a house speaker who has been threatened here. and he now has that right flank. and he's going to stand firm. and the polls show in the country by the way, that when you ask people would you like some balance, which everyone seems to be talking about, the answer is yes. and they understand that they got this -- the tax issue done so now they're going to look at spending cuts. andrea: gloria, i want to show all of us something here. just to remind us of a different time. this is an image that says a lot about what washington used to be. tom
it to me i went i don't think so, but then i wanted it every single day. >> really delicious. we're getting a lot of twitter feedback on our giving up wine from the show. cheryl wrote, giving up wine, i never thought you ladies were quitters. >> once in awhile you take one for the team. jimmy fallon hasn't heard the news, just across the street. we were mentioned in a special golden globes edition of jimmy's pros and cons. >> let's listen. >> matt lauer and savannah guthrie from nbc's "today" show will host the golden globes special. hoda and kathie lee will host the golden globes after party booze cruise. that's the one you want to be at. >> that's the one, exactly. who wants to be at the first one? didn't the huffington post say something funny? >> hell has frozen over. >> we're trying to get our graphics together. it was a funny one. there's been a lot of buzz. >> lots of buzz. oh, there it is. hell freezes over. look at you dumping that last bit of wine into the glass. >> cute. >> all righty then. >> there's been quite the dust up over a beautiful young lady who was in the audience watc
. look at me. >> okay. >> i'm sorry. >> it's like an elliptical. >> slow down. don't hit me. kathie, the brakes. the brakes. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. watch me turn. wait. wait. i want to point out my turn. good-bye. oh, i'm sorry. >> here's sara on a tread wall trying to get away. forget it. you can't do it. >> hello. >> hoda! >> what? >> we're going to be doing exercising the entire -- >> i'm not -- >> wait a second. >> i'm going to run in place right now. i just want to -- i couldn't -- >> so anniversary -- sara we're going to meet up with you later. i think jill we're going to meet up with later. >> by the way, i got to say i'm already a little winded. if you guys are in the gym working out, we feel your pain. we're going to go inside. come on. >> what we're going to do is go to see what you do long before we get here at nbc. >> i wake up early. and start working out. >> take a look. >> while i'm reading the bible. >> come on. rise and shine. ♪ >> that's it. me and him. that's it. >> there's this crazy stair climber like actual steps. it's painful to walk up those steps, but it ge
. not since i turned 30, though, i don't. this one i'm so grateful is little because i tell you, for two weeks i didn't wear makeup, i didn't wear spanx. i pulled my hair back. didn't have color. i -- >> you know what you do have? >> i didn't care. >> you have your dancing face on. >> oh, my gosh. i get down there in the keys, and i could -- >> no, no. not this again. we already played this. oh, no. >> i didn't even know anybody was -- that's the trouble. >> indeed. >> why didn't i think about the fact that people are going to -- in today's world are going to be doing this to you. that's the only song i know, and they're so sweet. ♪ crazy i always forget the words. you only sing the song one time a year. >> who are you singing with you? >> i wish i could remember her name. she's adorable. she's married to one of the guys in the band. alabama jack's. i'm telling you. they're on emiril's new show. down in the keys. there are people who come from all over the country to go to alabama jack's because it's a harley biker place, but it's -- they have the best -- on sundays the band comes, and every
and sometimes don't have the tools to work with here. >> and it's important to note that nurses have been in a long standing dispute. the sticking points cuts the benefits and sick leave. we are live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also in oakland, a gold rush at the oakland museum of california. police are searching for a stolen artifact worth $800,000. thieves broke in yesterday and made off with the gold rush era quartz and gold box depicting early california. it is closed on monday as is traditional for mu seems. it's the second break in in receipt months. back in november thieves made off with gold nuggets and other artifacts. they read the receipt break in is a loss not only to the museum, but the community and the objects convey the heritage and the stories of the people. >> they're took matters into their own hands. police investigating burglary cases in which the would be victims double as crime fighters. in one case the intruder ended up dead. both happened during the day in the east bay city. one on lehman and the other on canyon oaks circle. police say a homeowner
the politicians, that there are costs and risks involved in what the fed is doing. and they don't want the politicians to believe that the fed can carry the whole burden for this economy. >> bottom line, mohamed, what do you want to do in this environment if you're an investor in the market? >> so depends on your starting position. if you have already taken on a lot of risks, you've done really well, and time now to trim it back. we have economic uncertainty, we have political uncertainty, and we have a certain amount of policy uncertainty coming out of europe. so take some trchips off the table, risk assets,ic quetities, higher bonds have done extremely well. if you are conservatively positioned, stay there because there is still value, not great value, prices have been artificially elevated. the most critical thing is keep an eye on the fed because the fed is the only thing that's keeping valuations above fundamentals. the f. the fed steps away, then valuations will come down. >> leave it there. mohamed, always good to have you on the program. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. thank yo
, don't go to your emergency room, call your doctor first. you catch this in the first couple of days, you can get an antiviral. carl, i think today you're going to start to see hospitals delay operations, tell people to get out of the hospital. this has not yet reached epidemic proportions, but that's going to be tossed around the next couple of days. >> we're going to get shots on this desk. dr. nancy snyderman, thanks. >>> meantime, emergency rooms in milwaukee, wisconsin, have seen a surge of flulike symptoms. kevin, good morning. >> yes, at the st. francis hospital, not only here in milwaukee, it's throughout the midwest. as we heard from dr. nancy, it's across the country. this particular milwaukee area, they are actually practicing something they are referring to as diversion where so many hospitals are filled with patients suffering from flu symptoms, they are actually sending ambulances hopscotching from here to there so people get the care. we're fortunate this morning to be joined by dr. cathy shallow. i guess the first question i want to ask is is this worse than, say, the
pointed out this person handles sexual harassment complaints. here's just some of what we got back. we don't have a title ix coordinator. i think that would be me. i'm not sure who you would need to talk to. i have no idea who it is. try labor relations. they should know. >> it's not just embarrassing. it's scary. >> reporter: carrie miller runs an organization called sesame. she lobbies for laws to protect children and schools. is this something that all principals should know? >> absolutely. every principal should know. >> reporter: we contacted 35 principals in the district, and none could name the title ix coordinator. >> i believe they didn't know what you were talking about. >> reporter: we showed gentle blight of san francisco unified how some of its principals responded. i have no idea what title nine is, sorry. and "i need to know who i am talking to before i send that information." some principals said they don't have a coordinator. >> i think they were confused. >> reporter: principals in the bay area confused about where to send someone to file a sexual harassment complaint. >>
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second amendment rightd to the american people.mehe amea we don't think that --n so why >> why shouldn't the american people ask both sides to sides to compromise? yes, you want increased sec compromise? schools, you want te you want increased security in h schools, you want the d gaming y proliferation of violence in thu gaming industry and media to w, come down, you want to deal with say yes to the mentally ill. if the pres if we say yes to that or the president says yes to that, why doesn't he have a right to say e to you give a little on things th like background checks?in check? >> you know, if you're -- if you' >> you know, if you're looking , at the problem, which is to prevent this sort of thing, wha you want to do is do those things that will actually make o those things that w actually we have a profound disagreement. we have a profound with this administration, first of all, on what would make a w of al difference.l,hat would we don't think that a ban on m. we don't think that so-called assault weapons, whic hasn't worked in the past, is h hasn't worked in
says unilateral sanctions don't work and they just isolate the united states. republican critics, though, aren't convinced. >> he is an honorable man. he has had a record of distinguished service but he's profoundly wrong on a number of the most important national security issues that face our country today. >> reporter: key jewish groups being lobbied, that has helped soften the anti-defamation league, who wrote senator hagel would not have been my first choice, but i respect the president's prerogative. >> the white house is reaching out to a number of groups and individuals with regard to this nomination and others. >> reporter: hagel is also likely to face questions about his position on gay rights after his 1998 comments criticizing a u.s. ambassador nominee as, quote, openly aggressively gay. hagel has since apologized but one openly gay senator says she would like to hear more. >> i do want to speak to him particularly about his comments 14 years ago to see if his apology is sincere and sufficient. >> reporter: monday the white house faced protests but not over chuck hagel
outlaw certain kinds of assault weapons and semiautomatic rifles? >> i don't think they know yet and still feeling their way. this is one of those issues that democrats have been so scared of for so long. and they're -- there's still a hangover from that and also this sense that the demographics out there have changed. that the sentiment surrounding it has changed and nobody is quite sure where the politics are on this right now. they're still feeling their way. >> if i -- if can i interpret joe biden correctly, and i've been listening to him for a long time, i think he's saying that the congress will not vote for a full ban on so-called assault weapons. that you go after the clips and talk about mental health care and -- chris: background checks? >> full background checks. the n.r.a. is going to be too smart by half here. they're going to totally oppose any kind of gun restrictions. and what they're going to end up with is the kind of background -- full background check scheme that the tea party types and the n.r.a. really don't like but what's really necessary. chris: let's tal
it to my head, and he said, "this is what happens if you don't cooperate." and i just -- i nodded. i wanted to get home. >> instead, they boarded a bus for houston where she says dial locked her in an abandoned apartment, tied her up, and forced alcohol and drugs on her. >> he has complete control over everything, everything. >> he's feeding you? >> uh-huh. >> bathing you? >> yeah. cleaning me. >> having his way with you sexually when he wants? >> by instrumentation, yes. >> meaning? >> by objects. rape by instrumentation. it is a violent act. it degrades you. it embarrasses you. humiliates you. it messes with you mentally. >> days passed, then weeks, then months. >> time just ran together. i didn't know always what day of the week it was. it didn't matter. >> eight months after bobbi's disappearance, in april, 1995, the federal building in oklahoma city was bombed. the fbi focused its resources on that case. the hunt for randolph dial and bobbi parker long since cold was quietly back burnered. >> every time i'd hear of a body being found, you know, i'd hold my breath and wait. but i just w
husband that night? >> my attorney said, you don't know the tidal wave that's coming towards you, do you? >> it seems like it's always the husband, right? isn't that what police usually say? only this time, they weren't so sure. >> it's a whodunit. i have three viable suspects. >> three possible suspects? it turns out this victim also had a boyfriend, and she had a wife. husband, boyfriend, jealous spouse. >> i said something like i hope she rots in hell. >> so what did happen that snowy night? see what you think. because the most important clue of all may be the victim's own voice. >> i knew there was a line to draw. >> i'm lester holt, and this is "dateline." tonight, "secrets in the snow." here's keith morrison. >> it was cold the night it happened, so very cold. a night to be inside by a fireplace, tucked under a quilt. not outside in the frigid dark, not way up here, 9,000 feet up in the colorado mountains, snow thick already that late november night. and with the wind chill 24 below. >> i don't know enough to know exactly what happened. i'm still trying to figure it out. >> what in
's interrogati interrogation. >> you don't like here? >> yeah, that's evident, that's very clear. >> how would you classify your dislike for her? >> how -- what do you mean? i just dislike her. i don't -- >> i mean do you hate her, do you want to see something bad happen to her? >> no, i just want her to stay away from my child. >> we caught her in a few more lies. >> reporter: investigator ritchie called her cooperative but annoyed. >> it's always with missing persons you're never doing enough. >> reporter: police worked with michelle's family as they worked tirelessly to find her. >> it was more like say the family putting it out there, getting it on to social media and it became a national story. >> reporter: one the le family hoping tonight touched the countless others who are struggling through the same nightmare. >> hopefully one family who has a loved one missing won't feel so alone. >> reporter: stephanie truong. >> the le family has no desire to speak with giselle esteban because she's shown no desire or remorse for the murder not even when she was sentenced a month ago. go to nbcbaya
as yesterday. cold throughout the day but not bad. you don't have to carry the umbrella with you. a 20% to 30% shot. it will occur during the coldest part of the day. we're talking about it this morning and tracking thick pockets of fog, especially in the east bay. the fog is drifting around everywhere. even as you walk out the front door and it's clear you will likely encounter a deep pocket on the way to work. we'll check on the drive in a moment. mike is standing by. 56 degrees inland. 10 to 15 degrees cooler at the coast. 54 degrees. area of low pressure comes through. not passing a lot of moisture. packing cold air. as it moves into the bay area it will drop the snow levels to 1,000 feet. let's talk about the locations at or around 1,000 feet. twin peaks in san francisco at 922 feet. you may get snow flurries tomorrow morning. highway 17 also looking at that possibility. i will show you in my next report the exact timeline for showers and whether or not you are going to get any in your city. it will be hit or miss. that's in the next report. 5:07. as promised, mike? >> we'll show you the
reactions to reports of a possible confession. >> if he admitted it and he's no longer doping, i don't see why he can't race. >> a lot of talk about what he might say but no word yet from armstrong himself. for "today", mark potter, nbc news, miami. >>> it's now 14 minutes past the hour. again, here's erica. >> lester, thank you. it's been a rough few months for a couple on staten island. superstorm sandy destroyed their home of 43 years. adding insult to injury, as they are battling their insurance company now, they are furious their home was shown in a television ad for allstate. here's michelle franzen. >> reporter: it is a few sheila and dominic still can't belive is real. >> it's our home. our white picket fence. >> reporter: the couple's staten island home where they lived more than 40 years and raised four children was destroyed by sandy. >> but the grandkids would come over and that was their clubhouse. they loved it. >> reporter: their possessions, mementos and investment gone. the couple says their insurance company, allstate, is refusing to pay their full claim. instead offering
not know garcia. they don't know if saba knew garcia. garcia was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder. >>> investigators are painting a clearer picture of how a petaluma teenager turned up dead in a south lake tahoe snowbank. they say 19-year-old melissa byrne was disoriented when she left a music festival on new year's eve. it was less than 10 degrees that night. a utility worker found byrne's body on january 4th, not far from the concert venue. investigators do not suspect foul play. an autopsy has not been performed. but that could happen tomorrow. tests will determine if alcohol or drugs were in her system. >>> gilmore place are looking for a possible child predator on the prowl. this was all playing out south. another driver who saw what was happening drove towards the van and the suspect left. that car is being described as a 2000 model ford minivan. he was described with short, black hair and a long mustache. >>> police say he confessed to killing seven people at oikos university. that was the ruling after a second psychiatrist reported that 44-year-old one goh suffers from par
you don't have explicit content or it's inappropriate. it is part of the rules and regulations. you have a responsibility as the site to actually lease it. >> i'm not sure you and i are looking at the same reddit. >> you're looking at a different reddit. >> i'm not looking at them. >> she's not looking at them. >> you don't have a specific context -- >> reddit. here's an interesting point. this is an interesting point. you know, look at a similar social media forum like twitter. the entire west borough baptist church uses platform about hate. they use this platform with the freedom that it offers in the postings, as offensive and repellant as they are. twitter and all of us in social media companies have decided to let it stand as long as it's legal. if it's legal, it's a no-brainer, we shut it down. >> i want to interrupt. i hear the phrases, social media and platform. we talk about human beings. if i go to the mall. there's kids hanging out front smoking cigarettes, tossing into people. when you put it on a platform where it's all and people get scare, it's everywhere
, are those disqualifiers? >> i don't think so. you have to predict the future. they're going to face very complex problems which we can't predict. that level of trust and relationship between those people and with other members of the cabinet are the most important. >> not to put you on the spot, is there another name that jumps out? is there someone that you would have turned to immediately that you would vote for? >> no. >> okay. just thought i would try it. you have a quote in your memoir, as you were dealing with the situation in afghanistan there was an emergence of an ununfortunate deficit of trust between the white house and the department of defense. was that distrust a two-way street? >> yes. i outline in a fair amount of detail, it's about leadership. that's what i'm passionate about. building trust takes time. and it's the essential ingredient of ever solving difficult things, whether it's a marriage, educating kids, fighting a war. you have to build trust between people and organizations. >> did you distrust the people at the white house? did you distrust key members of the ob
: investigators are saying they don't know at this point why this young man was shot and they also don't have any suspect information. they tell us this is the first homicide of the year for marin city. reporting live in marin city, christie smith, "today in the bay." >>> 6:02 now. new this morning, los angeles police say 14 people being held hostage inside a nordstrom rack are now free. officers say a pair of armed men entered the store overnight. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded it for four hours before going inside. inside they found 14 store employees hiding in bathrooms and locked in storage areas. the robbers were nowhere to be found. police are trying to determine what kind of weapons the men are armed with. >>> a south bay family says investigators are not doing enough to find the person that killed their son three weeks ago leaving his body on the side of the road. 24-year-old jacksen madsen's body was found on san tomas presbyterian in campbell three base befo days before christmas. police say it appears to be hit-and-run but who hit him remains a mystery this morning. madsen's friends say he
america's bills issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. most of us don't think that. what we did learn is this. it's a hostage that's worth ransoming. is that the strategy for the coming fight over the debt ceiling? >> well, first, these last-minute deals are no way to run the government. i can tell you that. we know what the problem is. you're going to have al simpson and erskine bowles on. they have talked about this for a couple of years now. we have a spending problem. you know, we have a debt the size of our economy, which makes us look a lot like greece. this administration has driven spending as a percentage of our economy from 21% up to almost 25%. we've resolved the tax issue now. it's over. it's behind us. we were able to get permanent tax relief for 99% of american taxpayers. and for 500,000 small businesses. so that's behind us. what's left to be dealt with is the spending. and it's a shame that the president doesn't embrace the effort to reduce spending. none of us like using these situations like the sequester or the debt ceiling or the operation of governmen
. maybe we exaggerate a little bit how much these political match nations, i don't want to minimize them but i think sometimes we miss the point that there are really good companies out there who figured out how to make really good money with all of this political noise going on. >> and yet, greg, so many potholes ahead. you know we're going to see a lot of back and forth over raising the debt ceiling, sequestration is still on the horizon now. less than two months away. the continuing resolution. i want you to take a listen to the president's spokesperson this week on the debt ceiling and get your reaction to that. >> sure. >> he will not negotiate with congress when it comes to the essential responsibility of congress to pay the bills that congress has incurred. >> what do you think? >> well, it's an interesting question. how does he not negotiate with congress if congress won't raise it, if the president doesn't do something like cut spending? so it's kind of an awkward sort of situation. and i think the troubling aspect for the markets is you basically have two objects here, republic
they just don't know what went wrong when the tanker that you see out there hit a tower of the bay bridge as it headed out to sea late yesterday morning. they are going to be interviewing the pilot of the empty tanker called the "overseas reymar" this morning first thing. the pilot identified as 61-year-old guy kleess will report to the state board of pilot commissioners conducting its own investigation into this. caltrans says the impact didn't damage the structure of the bay bridge but a tower fender was ripped off. investigators say the vessel is double hulled so no leaks. it was empty but an oil spill response was activated just as a precaution. the coast guard is reviewing audiotapes and was in contact just before the crash. >> the ship's captain they were in an outbound transit obviously and the coast guard gives an advisory to those folks. were in communication with them just prior to the accident. >> reporter: now according to the mercury news, state records show that in 2009 kleess ran aground in sacramento and that same year also crashed into a cat walk near stockton and the fol
have what's called a gun show loophole meaning if you buy a gun at a gun show, you don't have to have a background check. as for protesters, we have not seen any since we've been here. i spoke to the photographer who was here earlier today, and he did not see any either. the gun show ended at 5:00, just a few minutes ago, but it continues here at the cow palace tomorrow. live in daly city, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> hundreds of people gathered in petaluma today to remember 19-year-old alyssa burns. she died over the new year's holiday in tahoe. and many at the memorial made a pledge in her honor. she was found dead after she tried to walk three miles to her hotel in freezing weather after a party. friends pledged that as part of her memory, they would use the buddy system and stick together whether they're in petaluma or anywhere else. her dad is grateful that lesson is being learned. >> we've had way too much tragedy here already. let's get the kids out and learn something and be positive. and instead of having memorials like this for one of our children that
. and it's something you don't want to imagine. >> from where i was sitting, i could see his face, i could see his eyes, i could see his expression, and he just looked very evil and just sat in the courtroom pretty much delighted. >> reporter: he didn't care who he killed in the theater, prosecutor karen pearson argued. he wanted to kill all of them. overwhelming evidence, say legal analysts. >> prosecutors are letting the defense know what they're in for if this case goes to trial. >> reporter: and holmes' attorney called no witnesses saying this isn't the time to put on a show or some truncated defense. referring, of course, to an insanity defense. the judge will rule on friday whether there will be a trial or perhaps when that trial may take place. brian? >> mike taibbi covering for us, centennial, colorado, mike, thanks. >>> scary scene on the water in new york this morning. a ferry packed with hundreds of commuters slammed into its dock. passengers got violently tossed in the sudden impact. more than 70 people were hurt, 11 of them seriously. federal investigators are on the scene loo
and afghanistan don't come to some basic agreement and understanding about the threat of extremism to both countries and both governments and both capitals. i think you're starting to see a greater awareness of that on the part of the pakistani government. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: the question that you have made about, about we talked about this issue of in detail today, about the prisoners, about the detention centers. all of these will transfer to the afghan sovereignty. in the u.s. forces will pull out from villages. go to the bases. and and afghan sovereignty will be restored. and after 2014. we will working on it, on these relations. this relation will have a different nature. and will have different principles. it will resemble probably, tokyo or germany, we are studying these relationships and we will do that. >> steven collison? >> thank you, mr. president, do you contemplate the end of this war, can you say as commander-in-chief, that the huge human and financial costs this has entailed can be justified, given the fact that the afghanistan that the world will l
temperatures that will likely kill plants if you don't cover them up and may give us crop damage throughout parts of california. prost advisory near the bay, slightly warmer here. overall you need to take in the pets and protect the plants. in san jose, last time it was this cold for this long of a stretch was back on january 9 through the 19th of 2012. it's been about a year since we've had weather like this so remember to bundle up and wear those layers. we have some warming coming up in a few minutes. >>> it feels like green bay around here. guess who is in town tonight? the green bay packers. the big playoff game is now less than 24 hours away. the 49ers, packers at candlestick. the san francisco skyline showing off the city's team spirit. at city hall the 49ers flag is flying high with hopes this win tomorrow, if they win, will pave the way to new orleans, the site of the super bowl. preparations are under way, course, at candlestick. the game is sold out. it will be cold as jeff said, but some people are already tailgating. you see the parking lot. huey lewis and the news will will si
children. we don't allow those games into our house. we made that decision because we think it desensitizes our children to the real effect of violence. the fact is, we need to have a conversation about all these things. we had a woman in camden who decapitated her child and killed herself, high on crack. if we don't deal with the substance abuse issues and mental abuse issues that lead to violence, we're shortchanging this conversation. >> if they deal with those issues as well, would you support a federal ban on assault weapons? >> depends on what they do, matt. >> why not say yes or no? >> it's not that easy. i know in a short interview like this, you would like me to give you pithy answers. but the fact is that these are complicated issues. the fact is i'm willing to have that conversation. that's a lot more than other people are willing to say. i'm willing to have the conversation but you have to deal with these other issues. otherwise you're just being political. >> in your state of the state address yesterday, you cast new jersey as to what you term the dysfunctional, dispirited and
really don't have a timeline for that. ntsb has announced they're going to come join us. and we welcome their support. we work hand-in-hand with them quite often. >> reporter: how long will the ship be out here? >> the captain of the port has put a hold on it. so while we investigate all the issues, it will remain here until we can determine what the next step would be. and if during the course of this investigation it says we should move it or do something different with it, then we will. we'll proceed that way. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us. i know you just stepped out of your car. i appreciate you taking the time. again, i wanted to have you see what it looks like out there. we've seen some crews going around it. we've seen some boats out there as well this morning. we also had some information there were some published reports this morning about that pilot that he had some issues in the past. that according to state records that show he ran aground in sacramento in a shipping channel in 2009. there was another incident at a catwalk in stockton we have heard about in
for being with us. >> thank you. >>> up next, a company you likely don't know has a billion and a quarter reasons why you should, when "press: here" continues. >>> welcome back to "press: here." a company you likely have not heard of just raised $50 million in funding from some of silly con valley's top venture capitalists, giving the security company an estimated overall value of $1.25 billion. its ceo is david dewalt, one of president obama's national security and technology adviser, some say he might be the next ceo of intel. i don't know where to start. do you want to start with the next ceo of intel, an upcoming ipo? >> we're very excited. p we raised a great round. fire eye is a very unique company. i had a choice of a lot of different companies to take the ceo job fortunately and i love this little company. >> you were on the short list of a whole bunch. one agency has called you one of the absolute top executives in silicon valley. >> well, we've had a lot of opportunity. i was really proud to have served my time at mcafee and my time through intel, as well. and i it that, took a
'm kind of jealous the next door neighbor is having all this patio space and people sit there. i don't. >> reporter: look to san francisco and the parklets there or oakland to see that the concept can work even in cities where parking spots are hard to come by. >> there's always second street and san fernando. and then we have the other side and the right side. i think there's still parking available. >> reporter: it might take getting use d to not being able to park exactly in front of where you want to dine. during the one-year pilot period the city will only permit five of these curb cafes, parklets, as they're called throughout the bay area. if they work, we may see more. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, kris. tonight might not be the night to sit outside, though. coming up, big changes just around the corner, jeff. >>> that's right. some of the coldest air not only of the season but of the past year looks to arrive as we continue throughout this week. the possibility of low snow. how low that snow will go. that will be improving on wednesday. we have it all i
. >> they should test it better before they get people on it. >> i don't want to be on it until they get it fixed. >> i have confidence in the airplane. there are going to be teething problems with a new airplane. it's common. the first commercial aircraft made of light weight carbon composite. 21% less fuel than planes of similar size. waiting to hear back to see if they are making changes. for now by all accounts the dream liner flight is set to take off from here friday at 11:45 a.m. live from san jose international, marla tayes. "today in the bay." >> an update to breaking news near atlanta where four children are dead after a duplex caught fire. the children ranged in age from 8 months to 7 years. we have learned a 6-year-old child survived with no serious injuries after his mother threw him from the second floor window to safety. the mother, however, was severely burned and is now recovering at an atlanta hospital. the children's grandmother managed to make it out of the home without injury. the cause of the devastating fire is under investigation. >> also new this morning, san francisco po
wife kate prepare to make him a grandfather. take a listen. >> i don't want to be confronted by my future grandchildren. so clearly now there's a grandchild it makes it even more obvious, you know, to try and make sure we have them, leave them something that's not a poison chalice. >> prince charles also said he worries every night about his son prince harry who is fighting with british troops in afghanistan. >>> this is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. mountain vesuvius. nasa released this image showing just how close the active volcano is to more than 3 million people in the city of naples close by. in australia a stray kangaroo led officers on a wild chase through an airport parking garage in melbourne. try to catch that fellow. it was subdued by wildlife officers who eventually released it back into the wild. taking a break there. now the markets. the dow opens at 13,435 after gaining 43 points on friday. the s&p is up seven and the nasdaq added one. overseas today the nikkei fell 9 points while the hang seng lost one points. as washington gears up for its next
i don't think it's peaked yet. it's still rising. >> reporter: if you think you're at risk, the answer might be a click away. on 20,000 volunteers are compiling reports so you can check how severe the outbreak is in your zip code, there's a facebook that checks status words for cough and sneeze. cdc has an app that tracks data state by state. if you think you have the flu, call your primary doctor immediately. don't go immediately to the emergency room. the hallmark remains prevention and for almost everyone out there, that's a flu shot. we undervalue prevention in this country, brian. i think we have to drive home the fact this is a virus that can put you in the icu within 48 hours. this is not a season to fiddle around with. >> the flu shot is a good one this year. >> it's good, a perfect match and available. >> dr. nancy snyderman starting us off tonight thanks as always. >>> our climate is in the news tonight as well, the big insurance giant, the company called munich re says a natural disasters caused $160 billion around the world in 2012. sandy, of cour
a crystal clear look at san francisco. we don't have fog out there. in fact, frost is going to be more of a factor as we head throughout the morning. coming up, we're getting so close to the weekend now. i'm going have your seven-day forecast ready to go in my next report. right now back to you, laura and marla. >> bundle up and stay warm. >> i'll take it here. a look here at the approach to the south bay. this is fremont south 880 coming down past the truck scales toward tesla and mission boulevard crossing there. a smooth, light drive. crystal clear. we can see lights all of the way in the distance. very different conditions as far as visibility goes than we saw the last few days. we'll look at the maps. same area approaching 680 out of sunol. no problem for visibility either. the map shows us no issues as far as weather goes. down to the south bay where the green is highlighted, the roadways are moving smoothly. light traffic right now. the green highlighting that shows where you might have mist having settled down might be some damp roadways and slick conditions possible here and t
. don't leave pets out for too long this morning. cold estrange 32 to 39 degreeses but because your windshield gets colder. i'll watch for the frost. 42 in oakland. 45 in san mateo. 33 cold enough for frost right by the ocean in santa cruz. we want to see pictures. if you have pictures to show us, maybe a frosty windchill shield or frost on your lawn, send it in to share with the bay area. cold afternoon ahead. staying cold as we get into the weekend. there's warming on the way but not a lot. we'll take what we can get. very chilly around here. temperatures today will be cold. 51 in livermore. 51 in fremont. 49 degrees for los gatos and santa rosa. 5:05. let's check on that drive. here's mike inouye. >> good morning. you'll need the heater as christina explained why you have to turn that on this morning. the bay bridge you don't really have to worry about anything else aside from paying the toll. fastrak let electronics take care of that as well. ey you see a smooth flow east shore freeway. 580 and 880 through oakland approach moves smoothly. this is what i was trying to explain to
, because it's blood money. and i think people want their homes back. they don't want, you know, few pennies thrown at them like they're trash. >> reporter: federal regulators argued that this settlement speeds payments and helps more borrowers who don't have to prove they were actually harmed. still, many consumer groups are critical, saying it enables bank to sweep abuses under the rug. what one called a get out of jail free card. >> what troubles me most, homeowners victimized will not get sufficient compensation. >> reporter: if the $3.3 billion in cash in the settlement were divided equally among all the eligible homeowners, the average payment would be $868.42. tonight, a spokesman for the bank said this settlement compensates any remaining consumers that may have been harmed and hopefully will lift clouds over the banks so they can lend more and help the housing market recover. lisa myers, nbc news, washington. >>> now to colorado and fair warning, this is a tough story. and it's going to be for the duration of the preliminary hearing that got under way today for james holmes, the lon
of influenza at penn? >> we are seeing a huge rise in our cases of influence. we don't want to get anybody else sick. >> reporter: 29-year-old kiana lunde allen didn't think she would get it, and now she feels miserable. did you get your flu shot? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: and why didn't you get a flu shot? >> i really don't know. i don't usually get them. i make sure my children got them. but now i have the flu. >> reporter: the disease is widespread in 47 states. up since last week. and it's making headlines across the country. interest is high. the blue dots on this map show an increase in the number of google searches for the word "flu" from mid september to earlier this month. it's so bad, the archdiocese of boston wants parishioners to bow instead of shaking hands and they're suspending communion wine service. in new york and other big cities, transit agents are warning passengers to get vaccinated, wash hands and cover coughs. >> customers are reminded to wash with soap and water. >> reporter: in chicago, daycare centers are encouraging kids to keep extra clean. but that's not enough
patients here and for patients safety here and we come into work and sometimes don't have the tools to work with here. >> a statement released to nbc bay area reading "at all times we had clean, clear, safe water access for patients." elective surgeries will resume today. >>> well, despite recent very public problems for boeing's new 787 dreamliner, officials with san jose international airport say they're very excited about launching their new dreamliner flight service direct to japan. the s.e.c. spokesperson tells nbc bay area the first flight to tokyo is scheduled to take off as planned 11:45 friday morning. and it is sold out. now, this has the dreamliner has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. just yesterday one of the 787s began leaking fuel on the runway at boston logan airport. just one day after another dreamliner caught fire also on the tarmac. many aviation experts say these issues are nothing more than just growing pains for a new airplane. but this is not calming the nerves for some passengers at sjc. >> well, they should test it a little bit better before they get
murder was shocking. >> reporter: also, we saw footage from the interrogation. >> you don't like her? >> yeah, that's evident. that's very clear. >> how would you classify your dislike for her? >> what do you mean? i just dislike her. i don't -- >> i mean, do you hate her, do you want to see something bad happen to her? >> no. i just want her to stay away from my child. >> reporter: he describes her as cooperative but annoyed. >> it's always with missing persons, you're never doing enough. >> reporter: the police worked with michelle's family as they worked tirelessly to find her. >> it was more the -- like i say, the family putting it out there, getting it on social media and things like that, and it became a national story. >> hopefully one family out there who has a loved one missing won't feel so alone. >> reporter: now, the family members have not talked with the accused killer and said there's no desire to. but some of them say what's moving them forward is keeping michelle's legacy alive by helping other families. >> stephanie, thank you. it was difficult to watch. and janell
putting yourself and others at risk if you don't get one? dr. steven lamb is a faculty member at new york university school of medicine. dr. lamb, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> normally you come on and give me a shot. i couldn't wait this year. i took care of it. people who have not gotten the shot, is there a good reason for some people not to get the shot? >> not really. look, we've been vaccinating people for 50 years or so. i think that the concern that i have right now with this epidemic is that number one, it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to induce enough ant bo ibodies for people to be protected. the people at risk for the most serious influenza side effects are those who will have the least reaction to the vaccine. so the elderly, the immunocompromised, they don't mount a powerful immune reaction. so they're still going to be at risk. if you're exposed right now, the vaccine is not likely to do very much for you, and you'll probably need to speak to your doctor and consider other measures such as antiviral medications. >> someone like me, i had mine i
that house. they don't have a motive for the shooting. there were 46 homicides in san jose last year. more than any year since the 1990s. >>> and on the peninsula police are investigating the shooting of 16-year-old girl. the tooen was shot saturday night in millbrae across the street from cappuccino high school. it is a rare instance of gun violence in a relatively quiet area. the girl is in stable condition. police don't know what pro veked that shooting and so far have not made any arrests. >>> restaurant and bar owners near the shark tank are breathing a sigh of relief tonight. the nhl lockout is finally over and that means hockey is returning to san jose. a deal was reached just in the nick of time because we were just weeks away from the whole season being scrapped. comcast sportsnet is here with the details of the deal and hopefully what it is that was that one thing that brought them together to the table. >> they just needed to work some things out. they say good things come to those who wait so hockey fans count on a very good season. after 113 days, it appears that nhl lockout i
that before. we don't know what that is like. >> never been in that >> never a jam either. >>> good morning to you. looking good out there 11:09, taking a live look at the trans america pyramid. beautiful, clear sky, wasn't the case just one hour ago, completely socked in with fog. a good-looking day shaping up, right to your temperatures, mostly upper 40s, low 50s, except for livermore, you are in the low 40s, you hold onto that fog about 15 minutes ago, visibility there dramatically improving as we speak. temps in the low 60s a little bit of fog and drizzle on the way for tomorrow but we are also going to peak in terms of warmth. you will get outside tomorrow without having to dodge showers. temperatures climb to the mid-60s. the latter portion of the week, things change, temperatures tumble, showers on the way this weekend. lots to talk about for the 7-day forecast, but the good news is the start of the week today and tomorrow, looking good. >> we will check for that. thank you very much. >>> it is official, the lockout is over, hockey is back, not exactly sure went sharks and the 2013 s
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